Swift Green SGF-GSWF Refrigerator Filter for GE GSWF

This Swift Green SGF-GSWF (SGF-GE22) is a replacement refrigerator filter for the following models:

GE GSWF, GSWF3PK, GSWFDS, 100749-C, 100749C, 100810A, 215C1152P002, 238C2334P001, 35917-MN-1, AP3418061, GTH22SHP, GTS22KHP, PC36011, PC56994, PC58696, PDS20MCP, PDS20SCP, PDS22MCP, PDS22SCP, PDS22SHR, PFCS1NJWSS, PS951515, PTS22LHP, PTS22SHP, PTS25LHP, PTS25SHP, WF-282, WF282.

Kenmore 46-9914, 469914. 9914.

This filter lasts for approximately 6-8 months, depending on how often it is used. It reduces a number of contaminants found in drinking water such as mercury, chlorine taste, lead, asbestos and others.

Made by Swift
Products specifications
Model Number GSWF
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