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Holmes HWF62 Replacment Wick Filter by Magnet

  • Replacement wick filter for Holmes HWF-62
  • Change filter approximately every 45 days
  • Approximate size: 4(H)x4-1/2(ID)x6-1/2(OD)x 1"(Thick)
Product description

The replacement Holmes HWF62 wick filter fits the following models:

  • Holmes: HLS140, HM1100, HM1230, HM1275, HM1280, HM1280TG, HM1281, HM1300, HM2408, HM2409, HM1285, HM1290, HM1295, HM1296, HM1297, HM1450, HM1600, HM1700, HM1701, HM1740, HM1760, HM1761, HM1910, HM2025, HM2030, HM2408, HM2409 
  • Bionaire: BCM7510
  • Evenflo: 655000, 655001, 758100, 759200
  • Halls: HLS1400, HLS1300
  • Sunbeam: SF212, SCM1100, SCM1701, SCM1702, SCM1762, SCM2409, SCM4100

Approximate size: 4(H)x4-1/2(ID)x6-1/2(OD)x 1"(Thick)

Suggested change frequency is once or twice a season depending on the hardness of your water. 

Also known as: HWF62RPS, HOL62RPS, H62-ID, H85, HWF-62, WWH620, H620, HOL62G, HOL62G4

Made by Magnet

Products specifications
Model Number HWF62
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