Purolator F312 16x25x1" Fiberglass Filter (12 Pack)

SKU: F1625
MPN: 48217

The Purolator F312 disposable fiberglass panel filters are designed to withstand the demands of residential, industrial and commercial applications. Purolator assures filter durability by utilizing construction features not found in traditional designs. Purolator F312 filters are manufactured with superior grade fiberglass media to guarantee full depth loading and high dust holding capacity. A computer-controlled manufacturing process assures a uniform gradient density pattern in the media. (5038901303) (CASE OF 12)
Size: 16 x 25 x 1"
Actual Size: 15-7/8 x 24-5/8 x 7/8"
Products specifications
Filter Size 1 Inch
Nominal Size 16x25x1
Feature Fiberglass