Abatement Technologies CAP600-UV Three stage HEPA-AIRE Purifier w/Germicidal UV-C (1-5 tons)

Product description

Abatement Technologies CAP600-UV Three Stage HEPA-AIR Purifier w/Germicidal UV-C (1-5 tons) The CAP600-UV features the same germicidal UV (UVGI) lamp technology hospitals use to control infectious pathogens to irradiate microbes in the air stream with a high dose of UVGI energy during each pass through the HVAC system. The CAP600-UV also features a 1”-deep large particle pre-filter, a 2” VAPOR-LOCK carbon intermediate filter, and a 99.97% HEPA filter. The larger CAP1200-UV model, has about 50% more air filtration capacity. It features an additional 2”-deep particle pre-filter, a heavier duty VAPOR-LOCK carbon filter, and a higher capacity HEPA filter, for added dirt holding and odor removal capacity.
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Products specifications
OEM Product Yes
Model Number CAP600-UV