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Honeywell HHT-013 Pet CleanAir Air Purifier

SKU: HHT-013
MPN: HHT-011
Product description
The Honeywell HHT-013 Pet Clean-Air Purifier, ideal for rooms up to 85 square feet, helps reduce airborne pet odors, pet hair, pet dander, and other allergens. The compact size is ideal for pet areas, and can be used on a table, counter, floor, or turned upright for use on a nightstand or desk. A special carbon zeolite odor absorbing pre-filter captures common household and pet odors, and the electronic filter indicator lets you know exactly when to replace the filters. Also comes with an optional built-in nightlight and ionizer with separate on/off controls.

*95% effective HEPA-Type Filter captures airborne allergens and particles including pet hair, fur, and dander.
*Odor Reducing Pre-filter reduces pet odors and other common household odors with activated carbon and zeolite.
*Circulates room air 5 times per hour
*Compact design Can be used in either horizontal or upright (vertical) position for use on a nightstand or other tight space. Ideal for pet areas and near pet beds or litter boxes.
*Built-in, separately controlled ionizer for extra cleaning power and to help freshen the air.
*Nightlight feature (separately controlled) provides soft illumination.
*Electronic Filter Indicator eliminates the guess work - tells you when to change the HEPA-Type filter
*Easy to use manual dial controls with 3 fan speeds
*Includes 1 HEPA-Type Filter (replace every 6 months) and 1 Carbon-Zeolite Odor Pre-Filter (replace every 3 months)
*5 year limited warranty
Products specifications
OEM Product Yes
Model Number HHT-013