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Whirlpool 1183051K Compatible HEPA Filter by Magnet

SKU: AP250P-1
Product description

This aftermarket replacement HEPA filter fits the following Whirlpool air purifier models:

187018, 1183051, 1183051R, AP25030H0,WAP250, AP25030K AP25030H0, AP25030R0, AP25030S0, PAP25002LM0, 00HWW04, EMO4000JBB04, EMO4000JCC04, EMO4000JSS04, EMO4000JWW04, HDM1853BJ05, HDM1853SJ05, HDM1853WJ05, JVM1430BD03, JVM1430WD03, JVM1440BH04, JVM1440LK02, JVM1440SH03, JVM1440WH04, JVM1441BH04, JVM1441CJ04, JVM1441SH03, JVM1441WH04, JVM1443BK02, JVM1443LK02, JVM1443WK02, JVM1650BH04, JVM1650CH04, JVM1650SH04, JVM1650WH04, JVM1653BH04, JVM1653SH0, JVM1653WH0, JVM1850BH05, JVM1850CH05, JVM1850SH05, JVM1850WH05, JVM1851BH05, JVM1851CH05, JVM1851SH05, JVM1851WH05, JVM1870BF05, JVM1870CF05, JVM1870SK02, JVM1870WF05, JVM1871SK02, RVM1435CK01, RVM1435SK01.

It also fits Sears air purifier models:

83234, 83374, 83353, 83377 106.83353, 106.4283234, 4283234.

Actual Size: 11 x 15-7/8 x 2"

Please note: Filter does not have a plastic frame. The frame is constructed of a cardboard material and contains a foam gasket for a better fit.

Made by Magnet