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49973900 Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaner Replacement Filter

SKU: VFBD49973900
MPN: VFBD49973900
Product description

Black & Decker Filter. For optimum performance, change your filter every 3 months! Model Description V9660 9.6V Dustbuster FVE9610 9.6V Dustbuster V9660 9.6V Dustbuster SPV180F 18V Hand Vac SPV1450 14.4V Vac DB800 Dustbuster Power Vac VP7240 Dustbuster Cordless Vac WV3615 9.6V Dustbuster V4800 Dustbuster Cordless Vac V4810 Dustbuster Cordless Vac WV4815 9.6V Dustbuster V4820 Dustbuster Cordless Vac V7210 Dustbuster Cordless Vac V9650 Dustbuster Cordless Vac CWV7230 7.2V Dustbuster FVE1210 12V Dustbuster FVE1210 12V Dustbuster V9610 9.6V Dustbuster V9620 9.6V Dustbuster V9630 9.6V Dustbuster V7220 7.2V Dustbuster AV1200 12.0V Auto Vacuum CFV1200 12V Floor Vac CFV9600 9.6V Floor Vac

Products specifications
Model Number 49973900
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